Employees that are fit and healthy will have a greater impact on a company’s profit as they will take fewer sick days, lower health care costs, increase productivity, have a higher morale and will maximise their performance.

“Boost Your Teams Motivation With A Sydney Corporate Fitness Program That Will Get Your Staff Fit And Healthy In No Time!”

Dangerously Fit Corporate Fitness Offer A Variety Of
Fitness Solutions Including….

…..Corporate Boot Camps, Group Personal Training,
Team Building Days, 6 Week Body Challenges,
Postural Screening, Boxfit And Yoga.

From: Dan Clay

Owner Of Dangerously Fit Corporate Fitness
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12:43pm April 7th

If you would like to increase employee loyalty, boost team morale and workforce energy… then please take a few minutes to read this page.

My name is Dan Clay… I own Dangerously Fit Corporate Fitness – Sydney’s most in-demand and corporate exercise program.

Good health is good business and an increasing number of companies now understand the relationship between healthy employees and a healthy profit margin.

That’s why the most successful names in business are beginning to implement corporate fitness programs across the globe.

If a corporate fitness program can improve profits for companies like General Motors, AT&T and even Forbes, imagine what it can do for you!

There are over 600 articles that analyze the research of the cost effectiveness of worksite wellness programs, a recent study for The American Journal of Health Promotion showed:

red bullet A 28% reduction in sick leave absentee’s.

red bullet A 26% reduction in use of the health care benefit.

red bullet 30% reduced worker’s comp claims and disability management.

Would your company benefit from a workforce that is full of hard working and energised individuals focused on getting results and available to work when and where you need them?

With Our Sydney Corporate Fitness Program Your Company Will…

Australian Health Studies

bullet 1 Reduce employee sick days.

bullet 1 Improve employee focus and productivity.

bullet 1 Increase workforce energy.

bullet 1 Decrease medical costs and workers compensation.

bullet 1 Boost team moral and loyalty leading to an increase in retention.

bullet 1 Get your team fit, lean, healthy and feeling great.

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Check Out The Results From Some Of Our Clients….

health and wellbeing

We will develop a custom corporate fitness program for your business…

….and by tailoring the program to your company’s specific needs we are able to provide you with an offering that is both effective and affordable.

Just Some Of The Services Our Corporate Fitness Programs Offer Include:

bullet 1 Personal training.

bullet 1 6 Week body transformation challenge.

bullet 1 Corporate boot camps.

bullet 1 Boxing classes.

bullet 1 Fitness assessments.

bullet 1 Team building activities.

bullet 1 Yoga.

Contact us today to get more information about how our Sydney corporate fitness programs can help you.

Yours in health,

Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit Corporate Fitness
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